Renaldo presents the audience their own private circus, communicating with a language all his own. Families and children will part of the juggling, pranks, magic and humor with this world class clown. Renaldo has performed with Big Apple Circus, Circus Sarasota, the Royal Hanneford Circus, Luna Stage Theater Co., and at SeaWorld, as well as Canada's Garden Brothers Circus, England's Zippo's Circus. Renaldo has been a Master Circus Educator in schools with the National Circus Project.




"Little Lou" Calienes was born in London, England. She original started off as an actress at a young age and attended drama school where she got an advanced degree in Performing Arts and Entertainment Industries. After performing in many comedy shows she decided she wanted to take comedy seriously! At the age of 20 she ran off and joined the circus, studying at the Academy of Circus Arts, a touring circus school. After graduating she then toured with Zippo's Circus around the UK for 3 seasons, quickly becoming the UK's premiere female clown. From there she branched out of the UK and came to New York to bring a little English comedy to the States. Little Lou has performed with Starburst Theater Company (England), Playmakers Theater Company (England), Camberley Theater Company (England), Dorking Halls (England), Festival Circus (England), Zippo's Circus (England), National Circus Project (USA), Circus Sarasota (USA), and now Circus Renaldo (USA).